The Best Men’s replica ray ban sunglasses For Summer 2017

Get your hands on a pair of eye-saving sunnies, no matter what your budget is

We’ll level with you. We don’t like being hot and sweaty, we burn way too easily and hay fever blows. Summer sucks, but its one saving grace is that occasionally we have the opportunity to slip on a pair of replica ray ban sunglasses. We don’t know why, but it feels good and it makes us happy that it’s summer.

Of course, beyond our mistaken notion that we look like Peter Fonda in Easy Rider, cheap ray ban sunglasses are essential for protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, so if you’re strapped for cash we have picks starting at just £14. Or, if you’re flush and aren’t the type to be constantly losing or sitting on your favourite pair, we’ve chosen a few what you might call “investment” pairs. We’ve ordered our list from least to most expensive to help you find what you’re looking for.

Cool name, cool 1950s frames and a cool price.

Reiss helps to bring Scandi design to the UK population’s sunnies through this collaboration with cheap ray ban sunglasses.

Wayfarers and Aviators aren’t the only cheap ray ban sunglasses worth your time. Give these a spin – the tortoiseshell and gold metal combo lends you a more dressed-up vibe.

The world’s most iconic replica ray ban sunglasses? We’re calling it – and for good reason.