Replica Ray Ban Sunglasses just released the coolest sunglasses of 2017

The Wayfarer is one of the most iconic sunglasses shapes out there, strong enough to support a million variations on the original. Which is exactly why replica ray ban sunglasses decided to bring a little ’60s style into the mix with the cult-classic Meteor. If you missed it the last couple of times it came around, worry not: It’s back today for an extremely limited time and in a painfully limited edition as the third installment of its replica ray ban sunglasses Reloaded line of rare reissues.

Cheap ray ban sunglasses’ website and select flagship stores are now stocking the Meteor in three colorways: Shiny Black with black lenses, Shiny Havana with brown gradient lenses, and Shiny Striped Havana with lenses in the greenish-brown B15 tint. The two tortoiseshell variants exude vintage Hollywood attitude, while the black-on-black option giving off heavy jazz vibes.

If you want to cop some of this mid-century cool for yourself you’ll have to act fast. The Meteor Reloaded edition’s are limited to only 200 pairs –that means for all three colorways combined – it seems likely that they won’t even make it that long. Get moving.

By 1936 the prototype was ready, looking much like Aviator’s do today – a delicate lightweight frame encasing large teardrop-shaped green lenses.

It was a classic marriage of form following function – with the large lenses enabling those first pilots to look down at their controls without taking off their cheap ray ban sunglasses. In 1938, the frame – which was originally plastic – had been changed to metal and they were patented with the literal name of Ray-Ban Aviator. By the late 1930s, they were marketed to sportspeople as a premium product and one with Bausch & Lomb’s “scientific glare protection”.

The company created thereplica ray ban sunglasses with green or yellow lenses – the yellow lenses were said to minimise haze; and the Ray-Ban Outdoorsman offered the option of classic Aviators but with a leather covering on the top bar and the tips of the arms of the glasses.

But it is the classic Aviators that captured the imagination: being linked with pilots gave the design a glamorous allure from the very beginning, one that shows no sign of getting old. The frames are a favourite of Hollywood actors including Tom Cruise and Jennifer Aniston.