Get These Ridiculously Stylish Sunglasses Before They’re Gone Again

The Wayfarer is one of the most iconic sunglasses shapes out there, strong enough to support a million variations on the original. Which is exactly why replica ray ban sunglasses decided to bring a little ’60s style into the mix with the cult-classic Meteor. If you missed it the last couple of times it came around, worry not: It’s back today for an extremely limited time and in a painfully limited edition as the third installment of its replica ray ban sunglasses Reloaded line of rare reissues.

Replica ray ban sunglasses’ website and select flagship stores are now stocking the Meteor in three colorways: Shiny Black with black lenses, Shiny Havana with brown gradient lenses, and Shiny Striped Havana with lenses in the greenish-brown B15 tint. The two tortoiseshell variants exude vintage Hollywood attitude, while the black-on-black option give off such heavy jazz cat vibes that it almost hurts.

If you want to cop some of this midcentury cool for yourself you’ll have to act fast. The Meteor Reloaded edition’s supposed to be on offer (for $170 to $220) for the next five days, but since there are only 200 pairs being made–that means for all three colorways combined–it seems likely that they won’t even make it that long. Get moving.

Cheap ray ban sunglasses are some of the most iconic sunglass brands of all time, sported by the likes of everyone from James Dean to Chris Pine. Now that we are in the height of the summer season getting a great pair of sunglasses is a must. Ray-Bans has worked with us to offer a special deal on their sunglasses. And best of all, we have four different options for you!

Featuring blue flash lenses, a matte black acetate and measuring 55-18-145mm, the funky Ray-Bans are an update to a classic and available today at $139, 15% off of the usual price. Adding a soft feel to the Fear and Loathing frame, the Caravans have a double bridge, thin gold arms and green classic G-15 lenses. Normally $199 they are yours for $139. If you’re more into the classics, the Ray-Ban Aviators come in size 58mm in gold with brown polarized lenses, perfect for any activity and are only $149. Finally, sometimes bigger is better, and with the cheap ray ban sunglasses, you still enjoy the classic shape with an updated, fashionably larger lens, at the special price of $139.

Sunglasses go over the top

You know a showy top bar — that thingamajig that prominently links the two eye rims at upper points of their perimeters — when you see it. And you see it all over the place right now, from the mass marketing of replica ray ban sunglasses to the gold-plated terrain of US$2,000 (RM8,580) Tom Ford spectacles, which boast a spiffy hinge on the high bridge of their clip-on lenses. The in-thing in eyewear is right above your nose.

In general, frames boasting bold brow bars are variations on (or, at least, distant relations of) the classic pilot’s replica ray ban sunglasses. The original aviators debuted around 1936, after the US military commissioned Bausch & Lomb to improve on the bulkiness and discomfort of flight goggles. Within the decade, the company was selling them to weekend sportsmen under the Ray-Ban trademark. The frame’s rise to fame — via Douglas MacArthur in the Philippines, Marlon Brando in The Wild One, and Tom Cruise’s character Maverick and Anthony Edward’s Goose in Top Gun — is a fascinating mash-up of military and pop cultural history.

The fact of its resurgence is, on one level, a proof of the cyclical nature of style. “Probably about five years ago, things slowly started evolving,” said David Rose, vice-president of design and manufacturing at California-based Salt Optics. “That heavier acetate look and feel — the chunkier Elvis Costello thing — got too exaggerated, right? It evolved and contracted back the other way, to thinner-profile glasses, especially in metal.”

Zack Moscot, a fifth-generation owner of the New York eyewear institution that shares his surname, adds that the silhouette is in step with a “Me Decade” style revival. “We don’t see it dwindling anytime soon,” he said of the trend. “Many of our friends in the clothing world have been alluding to the 1970s. The aviator shape has been complementary to recent runway trends and colours.” Surely it doesn’t hurt, furthermore, that these glasses go well with all the bomber jackets, field coats, and camo pants continuing their reigns as staples of the civilian wardrobe.

But the top bar of the moment tends to be an over-the-top bar and, as such, it steers the aviator’s attitude to a new altitude. Look at all these chunky fabrications and funky articulations. They’re impossible to ignore and easy to admire. Promoting the illusion of facial expression firm with cool self-assurance, they have some impassive aggression to them.

“The most famous aviator with a strong bar is the Ray-Ban Shooter,” said Luca Gnecchi Ruscone, founder of the Rome-based eyewear brand LGR. “On the top bridge it has a plastic thing called a sweat bar.” Many of Ruscone’s most popular cheap ray ban sunglasses omit the traditional bridge altogether.

An LGR model called the Agadir takes its inspiration from the old-fashioned pince-nez favoured by the likes of Teddy Roosevelt. “It’s a normal aviator shape, but it has that soft brow bar and these acetate nose pads,” said Ruscone. These and similar models have a futuristic spirit and therefore tend to lend young women the ethereal aspect of 22nd-century hippies and old men the owlish scowl of steampunk detectives.

Meanwhile, other top-drawer top bars sharply evoke the past. They are the focal points of shades that cast a vibe of assertive decadence in a 1970s way, as if meant to be worn for a night at Studio 54 or a day inside a Tom of Finland drawing. “When you use a double bridge with a round shape, a pilot shape, or a caravan shape, you have the idea of something very vintage,” said Lionel Giraud, chief executive officer of the French brand Vuarnet.

Back in the 1980s, cheap ray ban sunglasses accessorised many a pair of pegged jeans. Since 2015, it’s been Giraud’s job to revitalise the company’s classic models — and for that reason he is, seemingly, the only person in the eyewear world with any major misgivings about the dominance of commanding brow bars.

“I was a bit afraid to see so many models with double bridges,” he said about the situation of the optics, explaining that he hopes to keep a certain distance from fickle fashion. “It’s not something on trend. It’s something for the future. I don’t want to switch from one model to another every six months.” — Bloomberg

The Best Men’s replica ray ban sunglasses For Summer 2017

Get your hands on a pair of eye-saving sunnies, no matter what your budget is

We’ll level with you. We don’t like being hot and sweaty, we burn way too easily and hay fever blows. Summer sucks, but its one saving grace is that occasionally we have the opportunity to slip on a pair of replica ray ban sunglasses. We don’t know why, but it feels good and it makes us happy that it’s summer.

Of course, beyond our mistaken notion that we look like Peter Fonda in Easy Rider, cheap ray ban sunglasses are essential for protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, so if you’re strapped for cash we have picks starting at just £14. Or, if you’re flush and aren’t the type to be constantly losing or sitting on your favourite pair, we’ve chosen a few what you might call “investment” pairs. We’ve ordered our list from least to most expensive to help you find what you’re looking for.

Cool name, cool 1950s frames and a cool price.

Reiss helps to bring Scandi design to the UK population’s sunnies through this collaboration with cheap ray ban sunglasses.

Wayfarers and Aviators aren’t the only cheap ray ban sunglasses worth your time. Give these a spin – the tortoiseshell and gold metal combo lends you a more dressed-up vibe.

The world’s most iconic replica ray ban sunglasses? We’re calling it – and for good reason.

You can completely customize your next pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses — here’s how

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There are few accessories as iconic as a Fake Ray Bans.

Whether you go with Jake and Elwood’s classic wayfarers from “The Blues Brothers,” Tom Cruise’s aviators from “Top Gun,” or the clubmasters of Mr. Orange in “Reservoir Dogs,” there’s hardly a look that replica ray ban sunglasses has made that has not become a pop-cultural phenomenon.

The praise is well-deserved; anyone who has owned a pair of replica ray ban sunglasses knows that they are great shades for all occasions.

But since so many of these looks have already been immortalized, it can be tough to find a style that is all your own. For anyone looking for a new pair of shades that are yours and yours alone, you can create completely customized Ray-Bans online with Ray-Ban REMIX.

Playing with the customization tool for just a little bit will make it abundantly clear how much control you have over your creation. Wayfarers with a crazy pattern on the side and polarized lenses? No problem. A foldable pair of shades with green frames and magenta lenses? You got it. Your imagination can carry you through the over 250,000 potential combinations to create something completely unique. You can even get both your glasses and case engraved to show some actual ownership of your design.

Arguably the most impressive part of the deal is that as soon as you place your order, your custom pair of shades will be at your door in just five days. Whether you’re heading back to school or just trying to get through the dog days of summer, it’s a great time to snag a new pair of replica ray ban sunglasses.


Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses are made of 500-year-old timbers from the Great Lakes

This Canadian eyewear company is showcasing sustainable fashion as its best.

Taking a waste material and turning it into something useful, while eliminating the need for a new resource, is about as sustainable as it gets. This is precisely what Loch, a new company from southern Ontario, is doing. Loch makes gorgeous wooden Fake Ray Bans from reclaimed timber that’s been pulled up from the bottom of the Canadian Great Lakes and their tributaries.

These logs are from trees that began growing about 500 years old or more, the remaining spoils of the logging boom that ravished eastern Canada’s forests throughout the 19th century. At the time, millions of logs were transported along waterways, floated down rivers and over rapids and hauled across lakes by tugboats in giant ‘booms’. They were destined for the shipyards of Europe and sawmills of America. Sometimes these logs sank to the bottom of the lake, where they were preserved in the cold, dark water. Only now, nearly two hundred years later, are they resurfacing.

Loch works with a diving company, licensed by the federal government, to salvage sunken logs. Most come from the Georgian Bay area (part of Lake Huron) and are dated, using dendrochronology, to determine their precise age. The logs are then dried in a microwave kiln and cut into small veneers that are cross-laminated in ten layers for a strong, durable replica ray ban sunglasses frame.

When I spoke with Tim Waggoner, co-founder of Loch, he explained why old-growth wood is so desirable. It is unusually strong because, half a millennium ago, these giant trees grew in a more dense, competitive environment, giving them tighter growth rings than modern lumber, which is grown in carefully managed forests with better access to resources. Also, being in a zero-oxygen environment underwater for a prolonged period means that the nanomaterial inside the timber cells has been replaced with water. After drying, the water evaporates, leaving hollowed-out ‘pores’ inside the wood that make it lightweight yet incredibly strong.

The logs themselves are gorgeous, he told me enthusiastically. Loch works with three types of wood – oak, bird’s eye maple, and flame birch. The oak comes in two shades, regular and dark, the latter stained by minerals at the bottom of the lake. He said,

“It’s impossible to find logs of this age now. It’s an incredible material that’s available to us; we’re using what we have, without relying on massive global transportation networks to bring in exotic woods.”

Nor does this method cut down any new trees for a product that, even Waggoner admits, is more about fashion than necessity. When asked about the potential for environmental disruption by hauling these settled logs out of the deep, he points out that the damage would be considerably less than what’s caused by logging today. Having grown up in an Ontario forest, I can attest to the mess created by logging machinery when it moves into an area, and suspect he’s right. A boat with a crane, diver, and air balloons lifting old logs out of the water seem much more gentle.

cheap ray ban sunglasses can be ordered online and shipped internationally. The company has just completed a Kickstarter campaign to expand its line to allow for prescriptions that range from -2 to +2. (Loch doesn’t fill prescriptions itself, but the frames are compatible for people to take to their optometrist.)


Is there a better summer accessory than a pair of replica ray ban sunglasses? Not only do they look great but they have a number of practical uses, too.

For example, when your hair’s flopping in your eyes and you’re in desperate need of an Eighties-style Alice band to hold it all back. The solution? replica ray ban sunglasses.

Or you spot your boss walking towards you on the high street and don’t want to catch their eye because it’s Saturday. The plan? Whip out those sunnies… And of course they have practical benefits, too, such as shielding your eyes from sun damage (to be safe, look out for a CE mark and lenses marked with a UV400 sticker).

In fact, when you think about it, replica ray ban sunglasses are crucial to your summer wardrobe. Which means it’s very important that you choose the right pair…

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses

Cat-eye shades have recently been sported by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Reese Witherspoon and Elle Fanning, demonstrating how these retro frames have certainly “still got it”.

Great for highlighting cheekbones, cat-eye shades also give your face a definitive lift. Cheap Monday’s frames are a modern take on the vintage style, and tortoiseshell is flattering on every face. If you’re looking for some shades with attitude, these are the ones to go for.

Ray Ban Replica

Round Fake Ray Bans – John Lennon-style – have been back in fashion for a while now, and there’s no end to their popularity.

Fake Ray Bans specs have the classic gold frame and pink tips on the end of the arms that give them a feminine twist. Channel your inner Lennon – or inner Gigi Hadid (she’s also partial to them) – and give them a go.

Prescription replica ray ban sunglasses are available from Specsavers in a number of fashionable and modern frames, staring from just £69. And, there’s lots to choose from as all of our non-prescription replica ray ban sunglasses can be made with prescription lenses too. Visit to check out all this season’s styles.


Why I Love the Replica Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses

The replica ray ban sunglasses were maybe too closely associated with Tom Cruise’s toothy, underwear-clad uber-bro from Risky Business, so an update was in order. The cheap ray ban sunglasses, which was released in 2008 and is not actually so new anymore, is slicker aesthetically and more ergonomic than the original. Plus, the lens polarization is somehow, to my eye, more seamless than any other pair of shades I’ve worn. The highest compliment I can pay might be to say that I don’t notice when I’m wearing the New Wayfarers. That is, until I catch a reflection of my mug in a car window and think, “Tom who?”

I don’t do a good job of taking care of myreplica ray ban sunglasses, and I probably never will. I don’t schlep around a leather case or use one of those microfiber cloths that always come with a new pair of shades. These aren’t baby bunny rabbits. They’re a tool. Some people enjoy thinking about their possessions and relish opportunities to contemplate shopping for new ones. I don’t. My favorite part about these glasses: I never have to think about them.

Replica Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB 3016 Unisex Tortoise Frame Green Classic Lens Sunglasses

Incorporate a touch of vintage style into your wardrobe when you bring home a pair of these Clubmaster unisex replica sunglasses from replica Ray-Ban. Slip these glasses comfortably onto your face, thanks to the adjustable nose pad and sleekly designed frame. Never worry about the durability of these glasses, as the frame is constructed from solid metal and plastic.

Protect your eyes from sun damage with the attractive green 100 percent UV-protected lenses. These replica glasses feature tortoise shell and goldtone frames that complement a wide variety of outfit styles and color combinations. Clean and care for these glasses effortlessly with the provided case and cleaning cloth.

  • These gorgeous clubmaster vintage glasses from the cheap Ray-Ban Icons Collection feature a beautiful tortoise shell and goldtone frame that complements a variety of different styles and aesthetics
  • Keep your eyes safe with the green 100 percent UV protection lenses
  • Stay comfortable with the smartly designed metal and plastic frames that feature conveniently adjustable nose pads
  • Model RB 3016 sunglasses come with a case and cleaning cloth for easy care
  • These glasses measure 49 mm lenses x 21 mm bridge x 140 mm arms or 51 mm lenses x 21 mm bridge x 140 mm arms